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What are the best decoration materials?

What are the best decoration materials?

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Every environment in our environment has a deliberately or unconsciously shaped decoration. Some environments are shaped by an expert architect, some are amateurish and others are in their natural state. In one way or another, each environment is designed with decoration materials.

Three types of decoration style

Classic, minimalist and country style. The decoration materials used in these decorations are different from each other.

Classical style decoration uses natural colors such as cream, bone and beige; You should prefer to use heavy fabrics such as glasses, glitter or decorative curtains and taffeta.

In the miminalist style, the spaces are open and spacious. White is used as color, more objects and accessories are not preferred. Lighting is done with table top, table top or floor lighting, and more simple, simple and straight line models are selected. You can choose very clear, straight or self-printed models in the use of carpet.

Country-style, large seats and bulky cushions. Country-style decoration is the style of comfort. Seats can be cotton, striped, checkered plaid or floral. The size of carpets can be very small, carpet complementary accessories can choose wood and ceramic types. Wood rounding method is applied to be complementary. You may prefer a flat wrought iron lampshade for lighting. It is also ideal for store decorations and window decoration.

The most commonly used materials in decoration work;

  • Wooden building materials: Garden fence, door, shelf and flooring materials.
  • Garden and outdoor building materials: Lawnmower, hose and irrigation apparatus, plastic table and chair.
  • Bathroom and wc building materials: Bath mixer, shower head, sink and basin mixers, bathroom accessories, mirror set, bathroom cabinet, jacuzzi, toilet, bathtub and tool vitrified varieties.

  • Paint building decoration materials: wood and iron paint, exterior paint, interior paint and protective paint.
  • Roof building materials: Atermit, tile types and shin cover.

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