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Ways to Decorate Around a TV

The TV is probably an integral part of the furniture in most modern living rooms and thanks to the modern flat design it can also be integrated perfectly into stylish living concepts. Although flat screens take up less space, they are not necessarily beauties that fit well in the apartments. Nevertheless, the television is for many a central piece of furniture, which takes dominant in the living room. The following examples show how this may look a little nicer, more discreet or unexpected.

Decoration Around The TV


Integrated in the middle of a picture wall, this TV disguises itself in a small gallery. The white, antique table is a perfect TV cabinet, has room for the screen and at the bottom for a DVD or a digital box. It also looks personal, fleet-footed and softens with its playfulness the technical, male radiance of the devices.


Instead of fitting the TV into the environment, you can create a perfect environment for the TV. The dark wallpaper color, the graphic patterns and the retro-look sideboard becomes the backdrop for the dark flat screen. So it sinks into his environment and appears discreet and elegant. The arrangement with books, picture, flowers and bowl supports the look, frames the TV and makes everything more personal and homelike.

Open Spaces

A generous living space with several areas invites people to come together, even if they do very different things. In this case, the living room has its own dining area added – both stand by themselves and yet form a harmonious entity. Even the TV set, which has found a place on a nicely decorated sideboard, is part of the decor. The arrangement looks so stylish that something would be missing if you would remove it.

Make The Fireplace A Highlight Without Forgetting The TV

The flair of a fireplace in the living room is incomparable, so you best give it enough space in the design. In this case it forms the center of the room. But even the TV has found a perfect place next to the fireplace, so that the living room gets more order and structure. Both have their own place and at the same time form a unity.

Decoration Around The TV

TV And Fireplace As A Stylish Unit

We are thrilled with this modern design that combines a minimalist design with a high level of comfort. Here, an additional wall was built, which not only integrates the TV, but also a narrow, elongated fireplace. Watching the favorite series while feeling the warmth of the fireplace – what more could one wish for?

A Sideboard

Turning off the TV on a sideboard is an excellent idea that works for almost any type of living room! This results in several advantages: You get additional storage space and can make the area with a beautiful decoration to a real eye-catcher.