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Sofa Buying Guide

Cozy seats create a special living feeling in nature and inner decoration. Often, a few simple steps are enough to turn a dull corner into a comfortable seat. If you have sufficient space, you can create various opportunities to linger.

Arrange Seating

Chairs should be grouped so that everyone faces each other. Rule: The seating group should more or less form a rectangle. In the classical arrangement, two sofas are directly opposite. This promotes communication and works harmoniously. Disadvantage: The TV has space only on the front pages. More flexible are a sofa and one or more armchairs, which can be aligned to the television if required. Of course, this arrangement also works with a corner sofa.

Find The Right Sofa

Unfortunately, the most beautiful sofa is not always the most appropriate one that suits your needs. If you answer the following questions for yourself, you are a lot closer to your dream sofa. And then it’s time to sit rehearsal. Because only then can you test whether the sofa meets your expectations. How much space is available? How many people should be able to sit on the sofa? Do you use the sofa more for sitting, lying, eating? Should it be representative, comfortable or functional?

Set Accents With A Chair

The style of a living room can be perfect with  a little chair. While the sofa should hold back formally because of its size, you can really hit the style with a chair. Therefore, it does not always have to be the typical arrangement of two identical armchairs plus a sofa; this may even be stiff. Inviting is a mix of different models. You are a keeper? Then keep your favorite piece, but give it a new makeover!

Great Sofa

Your Seats In The Garden

Those who like to be alone and want to protect themselves from prying neighbors need a privacy screen. For nature and garden lovers, a privacy screen is certainly the most natural privacy screen. However, depending on the plant, it may take a while for the hedge to reach the desired height. A faster alternative is seat protection elements made of wood or plastic. These can be covered with annual climbing plant. When planning the various seats in the garden, one should pay attention not only to the look, but also to safety and comfort. If you want to do something good for the environment, pay close attention to the fact that the flooring is made of local materials.