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Outdoor Mats

There are different areas where a dust control mat makes sense and is used. Either it is used outside the door or inside behind the door. Often it makes sense to have both. Depending on where they are to be used, the outdoor mats are made of different materials.

Outdoor Mats

To be recommended in any case, mats- which have a good quality. The floor mats should definitely be durable and non-slip and made of a good material. They should also be good and easy to clean. If possible, make sure that your dirt mat has rubber protection and no PVC protection. Because the quality of the rubber is definitely preferable to that of the PVC. Also pay attention to whether you want to use the mat inside or outside. For this purpose, there are each again suitable and less suitable mats.

Based On These Factors, You Can Compare And Evaluate Dust Control Mats

In the following, we want to show you the factors by which you can compare and evaluate dust control mats. This will hopefully make it easier for you to decide if a product is right for you or not. In summary, these are the following points:

Place Of Availability

When buying, of course, it is important for you to know where you can use the dirt mat anywhere. If, for example, the mat is made of a material that is not suitable for cold temperatures, you should not remove the doormat in winter. Thus it is already a crucial point for which areas the mats are suitable. You need to know what purpose you need them for and then decide which mat you want to use.

Color And Design

The color and the design are very subjective factors. Of course it is clear that you should buy a mat that appeals to you from the design and the color. If you do not care about the color and the design and if you only care about the functionality, you can of course neglect any optical aspects.

Surface Material

The surface material is very important when buying a mat. There are a variety of different materials, all of which are better suited for a slightly different kind of dirt. The guide provides information about the properties of each material. The material influences the cleaning, the use as well as the quality of the dust control mat. For example, nylon as a surface material is higher quality than cotton, but both have different properties.

Protective Material

The protective material refers to the underside of the dirt mat. Here mainly two materials are used. On the one hand synthetic rubber and on the other hand PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The rubber stands for higher quality and also for a longer service life. PVC is the cheaper option and should not be outside, for example, in very cold and rough conditions, otherwise the material may become brittle. If you want to use the mat indoors only, this is not bad. Both materials are also non-slip, with rubber keeping better on the ground.