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Everything depends on the condition that prevails behind the front door. Are there any dirty shoes on a stained doormat, the wardrobe is bursting at the seams and it smells unpleasant? Damp shoes, mud and dirt leave no feeling of welcome. Here, some simple tips can help that the first impression is a positive one, the guests feel good and, above all, they like to come home.

The Choice Of The Right Outdoor Mat

Different patterns, shapes, colors and materials, the choice of floor mats seems almost limitless. However, knitted fabric is not the same as knitted fabric. A large doormat for the coarse dirt outside, a small flat doormat for the patio, and again another model for the transition from the conservatory to the living room. There is a matching doormat for every requirement. A carpet mat, however, is only suitable for indoor use, since it dries only slowly, but it is easy to suck and also absorbs fine dirt effectively. Then of course there are also floor mats made of materials such as coconut or plastic. The former is absorbent and dirt dissolving, but has only a short life. The plastic mat, however, is well suited for outdoor use, is inexpensive and can be easily cleaned with water. This does not slip and lasts a long time.

Cotton Floor Mats

Stop dirt and dust when entering the entrance area. Cotton floor mats are ideal for highly frequented areas thanks to the optimal dirt and water absorption capacity and immediately catch any dirt. The natural fibers of the cotton are particularly absorbent and durable and release the moisture to the air and the surrounding area.

stained doormat

Floor Mats Made Of Polyamide

Door rugs with imprint floor mats with a pile made of polyamide are particularly well suited for interiors, in some cases also in outdoor areas. The term nylon is used in the trade as a synonym for polyamide. Polyamide floor mats have a long service life and are particularly hard-wearing thanks to a special covering construction. Polyamide floor mats are dyeable and printable and therefore available in many decorative color finishes and patterns.

Your guests will get the first impression of your home on the doorstep when they wait for you after the bell rings. Here are  individual doormats just right, because it welcomes your guests already in front of you and welcomes them in a fun or stylish way. Even if you come home yourself or leave the house, a doormat is a nice eye-catcher. Take a look at our wide selection of outdoor mats and convince yourself of the high quality and the unique motives. Find your new rug quickly and easily.

Door Mats In Vintage Look And In Different Colors

Everyone has their own style and so should your doormat necessarily fit you, because it leaves the first impression on your visitors. Therefore, you will find a large selection of different models of noble and stylish door rugs. From vintage door mats to door mats in black or brown – high quality and luxurious like this one.

High Quality Mottled Mats

Mottled mats are 2-colored mats, where the main color is black, and another color is selectable. Through this optical effect, you achieve a dirt insensitivity. These mats are washable and tumble dry at 60 C °.

Doormat Topline (Aluminum Mat)

A great bristle mat for your entrance and at the same time a great eye-catcher on your doorstep. Thanks to the bristle technology of the outdoor mat Topline, even coarse dirt has no chance. The bristles are made of 100% polypropylene and are particularly hard-wearing and durable. The beveled edge in the front tread area not only sets a visual highlight, but also avoids the risk of stumbling. Furthermore, fine aluminum profile webs are placed between the bristles for a great look.

High Quality Logo Mat With Name

The back coating of each mat is made of 100% washable nitrile rubber. In addition to the washability brings a rubber backing but additional benefits: The mat is flat and secure on the ground, does not slip, the corners do not stand up. The tread of the mat avoids stumbling and does not break as fast as conventional mats in retail.