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Living Room Decoration Ideas

Modern lines and simplicity can not give up, even if you’re not empty against glittering objects and a bit of classical effect, a modern decoration collection, Glowing Elegance is for you! So, how does the Shining Elegance take place with modern lines and accessories with shimmering, geometric lines?


Now, let’s start sharing the details about Glowing Elegance, which will offer modern sparkles to your home!

How to Use Color in Glowing Elegance

Glowing elegance, the details that provide brightness, accessories and lighting products will be used. In order to reflect this decoration style, you need to choose colors that will bring bright objects to the fore. Therefore, you should use colors such as gray, purple, blue, black and brown in your home decoration. The glittering effect of modern decoration can be provided with silver or transparent glass.

Choosing Furniture in Glowing Elegance

In Shining Elegance, all attention must be on the radiance. That is exactly why you should choose a single color for your choice of sofa set. If you want to use different colors in furniture, you can choose your small puffs in different colors in this decoration style. All of the furniture you choose is simple, pattern-free and modern in design, which is important for you to reflect the glowing elegance in your home.

Wall Decoration in Glowing Elegance

Although it is stylish and remarkable, it is possible to have simple walls with glowing elegance! In light gray shades, this can be used with wall paints. You have also noticed when examining the examples of modern decoration, modern decoration is open to innovation. One of the innovations that will make your house different is the use of plasterboard on the walls which are quite suitable for the Glowing Elegance. In rectangular or square form, you can apply two layers of paint on the surface of your wall. If you do not want to make such a radical change on your walls, you can choose to cover your wall with a wall paper. A wall paper with modern patterns close to the wall color is among the modern decorations that will add elegance to the elegance of the area.