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ergonomic office chairs

What Should Be Considered In Chair Selection?

An office worker spends about 10 hours a day on the chair. For this reason, the office chair should have ergonomic features much different than a normal seat or a guest chair. The selection and use of office chairs is one of the most important issues for office workers. Correct selection of the office chair and the correct seating position are among the first steps to avoid posture disturbances. So, how to choose office chair in 5 steps?

1. Chair Height

The most important feature of the office chair is that its height can be adjusted according to our body. In order for a person to sit comfortably in average sizes, the seat of the office chair should be 40-50 cm high. However, for a comfortable and prolonged seat, the seat height must be fully adjustable. When selecting an office chair, you should make sure that the height of the seat is adjusted and that the height you set does not remain constant for a long time.

2.Back Support

In order to obtain a correct sitting position, your back should be fully in contact with the seat and support your lumbar cavity. The back of your seat should support your back for the health of your spine. In addition, it is important that the rear of the office chair is approximately 30-40 cm wide and, if necessary, the tilt or height can be adjusted. The choice of seats supporting the waist at the sides will provide a more comfortable seating.

3.Chair Cushions

Perhaps the most important part of the office chairs is seating. During the day we spend the whole time sitting on the chair. For this reason, there are many different features of this section. The seat should be made of a non-sweat-proof and breathable material. Also the stiffness of the chair is important according to the person’s weight. The size of the seat should not be too large, should be approximately 5-7 cm between the front edge of the chair and the back of your knee when you sit with your back and waist on the back of the chair. The reason for this is to prevent the chair from numbing the leg by pressing the nerves passing through the back of the leg. The seat should not be exactly flat, it must be compatible with the body folds.

4.Arm Support

The armrests of the office chair are the parts that help the computer use and keyboard use and support the arm. Therefore, we need to be able to adjust our body. It is also important that the chair is made of material that will not harm the elbows during long-term use.

5.Chair Legs

Office chairs are items of considerable risk of falling, although they may appear to be non-risky goods. Especially in offices where closets, drawers and desks are located very close, it is very difficult to predict where to hit your head if you fall off the chair. For this reason, there should be at least 5-6 feet in office chairs. For comfortable use of the chair, you should prefer the chair with wheels.

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