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Coffee Table Design

Coffee tables are the central object of a living room. Not only because of its usefulness, but also because the rest of the decoration revolves around it. Modern living rooms ask for a coffee table with an exclusive design, but the decoration of the coffee table is also very important. Decorating your coffee table with the right objects can turn your living room into a luxurious living room.

A guideline is the visual appearance of the table itself. If it has style-defining and deliberately eye-catching design, the decoration should be chosen accordingly. Other pragmatic constraints may arise when the table is movable, for example, by rolling. Decorations need a firm footing so that they do not tip over and possibly damage or destroy the tabletop.


Classic accessories for a coffee table are light sources. Candles, lanterns or small lights create a kind of cosiness center, which takes up the archaic cosiness of a campfire. If the design of the table permits, fairy lights or ribbons can be used to decorate creative and exciting indirect lighting.


Pot plants with a firm base or low vases with flowers are possible. Here, the almost inevitable thing of the table should be considered when getting up and sitting down. Drying arrangements are less sensitive.

Reading Material

Books and magazines like to find their place on a coffee table. Decorative and current titles should be on the table. Reading and TV program are under the tabletop handy and not disturbing housed.

Adjust Height And Width

Every coffee table is different. There are rectangular, round, oval, square and more other examples. Not only its shape but also its size varies from model to model. That’s why you should adapt the decoration to the respective table. It should fit both the orientation and the height of the table and the room. In short, a larger table requires larger items than a smaller table.

Show Personality

As a decoration for the coffee table are suitable objects that one likes and likes to have around. Favorite books, flowers, sweets in bowls, ceramic and brass figures and much more can be placed on the table. Decorative boxes can even accommodate the remote control on the beautifully decorated coffee table.