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Clever Ways to Hide Your TV

Today, TVs are simply items of our everyday lives. And ever since their design has slimmed down dramatically thanks to LED technology, they are even more often suitable for decoration. As you not only upgrade your television with a clever interior design, we have brought great examples today. Whether as part of the wall design or with TV rooms – we have something for every taste. So let’s take a look together.

Comfortable Decoration

A bit personal and comfortable, the TV corner may well be! Due to the luxury of the flat screen, which is nowadays a matter of course, there is still room for a bit of decoration on the lowboard. Vases – also like with flowers ,pictures, lamps and whatever else you like, create a good atmosphere and  the TV area looks not so cold and technically. But above all, large picture frames create a beautiful look and all the details that make the whole thing a little more comfortable!

Lowboards Are Currently The Trend In TV Furniture

This is particularly with low chests of drawers and chicer than a complete closet and still provide plenty of storage space: next to the  DVD player and other technical stuff, in the cupboards or drawers underneath; there is additional storage space for everything. Modern lowboards usually seem simple and minimalistic, which of course benefits the design of the room. In addition to the pretty lowboards, which are presented  in the  pictures, we can especially recommend also the shelving systems: it is super diverse, because you can assemble everything yourself.

TV Rooms


Instead of fitting the TV rooms into the environment, it created a perfect environment for the TV. The dark wallpaper color, the graphic patterns and the retro-look sideboard become the backdrop for the dark flat screen. So it sinks into his environment and appears discreet and elegant. The arrangement with books, picture, flowers and bowl supports the look, frames the TV and makes everything more personal and homelike.

Elegance With White Color

A clever and elegant solution is to distract it from the TV but to place it discreetly. Here it has depth: On a low rolling furniture it stands under a decorative shelf, which is stocked with souvenirs and pretty dishes. A collage of images condenses the decorative effect. So the eye is directed to the beautiful things, away from the technical devices. The TV gets on the rolling furniture and mobility, so it can be rolled closer if necessary, or even in another room. Additional elegance brings the white color.