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Clean Oriental Rugs

Although many carpet cleaners advise against it, it is absolutely safe to clean an oriental rug on your own without damaging it. It goes without saying that you cannot take any detergent. With a careful cleaning a quick rug of the oriental carpet is almost impossible. Not only can you clean a lot of money with a carpet cleaning, but you can also do it from the comfort of your own home.

Proper Cleaning Starts With Choosing The Right Carpet Cleaner

The basic guide for cleaning an oriental rug is care. This starts with the selection of cleaning agents. They should be mild and pH neutral. Conventional detergents containing the chemically active surfactants should not be brought into contact with the oriental carpet. The carpet cleaner should always be mild and pH neutral. Conventional detergents with surfactants should not be used. The degree of humidity should be kept as low as possible, since oriental carpets can be damaged with large amounts of water. Small amounts of water do not affect the antique carpet, as long as you remove them after a short time. After contact with water, the rug should be re-applied with wool grease or lanolin, as this will restore the lost grease, which protects the rug and makes it shine.

All oriental rugs have in common, that they cannot harm them for a short time. The operation of water spreading after rinsing is therefore carried out with particular care. Here also a natural sponge or hand-wrapped fabric bales can provide good assistance.

Oriental Rug

The Right Cleaning Methods For Your Rug

Vacuuming is a torture for fine, old and antique oriental carpets. It is gentler to gently brush the carpet with a soft brush in the direction of the pile. You should regularly wear much-used carpets, less committed only when needed. You can prevent one-sided wear of the carpet if you turn it from time to time. To freshen up your rug, lay it down on the pile side, on dry powder snow in cold winter weather, and tap it lightly. To prevent the snow from melting immediately and the carpet absorbing moisture, you should first dry it for a few hours in the open air to cool down. Immediately brush gently after treatment and allow to dry Avoid direct sunlight, as this can lead to color changes. Never place clay pots directly on your oriental rug. The carpet can thereby rot, mold or discolor. Pressure points recover by themselves. Remove stains from edge to center.