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Best Modern Area Rugs

The rug trends of this season should not be trampled, but admired extensively. From gaudy patterns to fine materials, everything is represented. Hardly any other home decor gives a home as much warmth and comfort as the carpet. In addition to his role as a secret cosiness guarantor and room divider lives on as a modern statement piece that manages to make a room appear in a completely new light.

Rug Trends Of This Season

Red Is Coming Back

Well, how many reds do you know? In 2018, they are all trend, because red is making a brilliant comeback. From pastel shades of pink to bright reds to dark berry shades, all these shades on carpet can be enjoyed together. But please only there, everything else is quickly overloaded.

rug trends

Blue Is The Trend

Blue is on everyone’s lips this year, on all walls and of course on all floors. The color of the sky and the sea are finally attributed attributes such as distance, depth and tranquility, and hardly any other home color can be combined in so many different nuances exciting tone and tone and always remains harmonious. Blue carpets look especially fresh on light wood and stone floors.

Structure As The Main Point

It does not matter whether it is made of many small felt beads or in a coarse braided structure. Carpets carry this season structure. In combination with natural tones, it complements minimalist facilities stylish and is like a little cure for the feet.

Module Carpets

This season you will find the matching carpet very easy. Module carpets such as the wool carpet consist of various form modules that can be individually configured depending on the room situation and size. Tip: If you want something cheaper “puzzles”, which should deal with carpet tiles.