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Best Living Room Ideas

Everyone defines the concept of their dream living room differently. But if you follow a few basic rules, you can make the most of your living room. On the one hand, one should always keep in mind the conditions of the room and, on the other hand, let personal preferences be incorporated into the design. A living room then becomes perfect when it reflects individuality and is inviting.

Which Wall Color For My Living Room?

Before choosing the right wall paint, you should consider whether you want to give the entire living room a new coat of paint or accentuate only partial areas. The size of the room also plays a crucial role in terms of wall color: while pastel shades highlight small spaces, pop colors are better suited for large living rooms or individual areas. Since the incidence of sunlight can change a wall color up to several nuances, you should always test the color on small areas and observe over the duration of a day.

Which Floor For My Living Room?

For the flooring in the living room there are a variety of design options. While wood has a warm and friendly effect, tiles exude cool elegance and are particularly easy to care for. Carpet, on the other hand, is easy to replace and has the advantage of keeping feet warm. Which one ultimately decides is a matter of taste and depends on the circumstances of the room. Before you commit yourself to a floor covering, you should therefore ask the question of what effect you want to achieve exactly.

Living Room

Country-Style Living Room:

Soft textiles, creamy colors and classic patterns ; the country house style radiates above all one thing: cosiness. The most important part of this classic style is without question wood. Whether coffee table or built-in wardrobe, wood should not be missing in the design of a living room in the country house style. In terms of decoration playful details play an important role too- from the checkered cushion to the candle in the lantern.

Minimalist Living Room:

Clean lines and simple colors – In a minimalist living room, the furnishings should always be reduced to the essentials. True to the motto “less is more”, it is therefore advisable to examine the belongings regularly and sort out if necessary. Apart from that, it is important to create sufficient storage space – the more integrated and well-thought-out it is, the easier it is to maintain order in the long term. With regard to the floor, the ceiling or the walls, the materials concrete and glass in particular provide the decisive, minimalist framework.


As a center of home comforts, the living room is of course the ideal place for a sofa. But which sofa should it be, with all the different shapes and materials?

Set The Sofa Diagonally

Yes, you need a large living room if you want to set your sofa diagonally. But if you have an appropriate space, such a positioning always seems casual and generous. You can either move your sofa diagonally in front of a corner or place it in the middle of the room. In the corner variant, you should make sure to leave enough space between the sofa and the corner. The resulting space behind it  can be used for a plant, a basket with blankets or an arc lamp. Or you put a narrow console or a small shelf on the back of the sofa, then it does not seem so massive. Especially with combined dining and living rooms creates a practical room divider. Attention: do not block sidewalks.

The Classic Combination Of Sofa And Armchairs

A few years ago, the advertising agencies found out in a study that in most living rooms there is an ensemble of a sofa and one or two armchairs. Why? Because this combination is both flexible and practical. Ideally, the sofa stands against the widest wall – the TV set, if you like watching TV. So you use the existing space best. If possible, avoid putting your sofa right in front of the window. On the one hand, high backrests and cushions darken the room. On the other hand, we feel uncomfortable when we can not see what is happening behind us. As for the armchairs do not choose models from the same program. If you want a stool for your feet, but have little space: A upholstered stool with tablet is quite uncomplicated to a mobile coffee table.

Sofa Decoration Ideas

What Should Be Behind The Sofa?

You can use the room behind your sofa for a bookshelf. Or you build a wide shelf on the backrest height between the sofa and the wall. The space underneath can be used as storage space and the pages as shelf. Even an unloved radiator fits with some distance behind your sofa.