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​Buying a Doormat

Sometimes cold feet are also commented on with humor and affection, but when the cold situation in office work disturbs, then the search for countermeasures starts. For some time now, heated floor mats have been a remedy. Quality and equipment differ quite clearly in the offers, as well as the price level.

This article about cold feet warming floor mats in the office lists the history features and functions that provide good models for conveying information and buying tips for warm feet in everyday work.

A doormat with heating function is basically a simple product, but there are peculiarities that should be considered in the selection:

The Size Of The Mat

Some models like mentioned come in the bathroom or used in the car. Here the place is usually scarce and it is annoying if the purchase does not fit. Measure narrow areas in advance. In addition, a power supply should be nearby, when used in the car as the 12V connection.

Quality Of The Upper And Lower Surface

Ideally, the mats do not slip due to sensible texturing during use, and the surface should also be able to bear loads and thus not consume so quickly.

Limit Energy Consumption And Costs

Electric heating costs money due to the very high energy consumption. The just described regulation function as well as the on / off switch help to save energy, further information about the energy consumption is provided by the manufacturers.

Temperature Regulation & Control Via Switch

So that the heating carpet is by no means too warm, good models and offers have an integrated temperature controller. The individual regulation option protects against heating at the highest level. In addition, an on-off switch should be present on the device, because only very few people heat permanently. It is awkward to always have to pull the plug.