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In the office environment where employees spend the longest part of the day, it is necessary to evaluate the time in a planned and efficient way. More warm and comfortable office furniture allows you to work more eager and efficient.

Importance of wood materials in office furniture

Choosing products that are natural and compatible with nature in the selection of your office furniture will turn the energy flow within the office into positive. Natural materials such as leather, wood and glass will increase your concentration in the workplace by turning your emotions positively.

It is appropriate to choose the colors you use in your office in accordance with your industry. You can easily experience the effect of colors on productivity at your workplace.

Keeping your workplace organized is definitely one of the biggest factors that increase productivity at work. We recommend that you place unused documents and files in the filing cabinets by starting to edit them on your desks. Feel free to remove unnecessary documents and items.

Feeling comfortable will increase your interest

Your office furniture needs to be healthy and manufactured for long-term working conditions. It is also important to find the documents you want at your fingertips, and the drawers at the bottom of your desk will also save you time and avoid unnecessary standing up.

Enough lighting doesn’t bother you

Your office needs to be adequately lit to ensure that your eyes’ health and attention are fully collected. In cases where natural lighting is insufficient, you may prefer light color furniture.

Create custom fields in open offices

Many companies now prefer open office because of the lack of space. But try to create an isolated space from other employees to increase your attention and efficiency. You can use concentration panels for this.

Home Designer Goods office furniture within the wide range of products offered to you, your office will increase the efficiency of many office furniture and ancillary products you can easily find.

We sit in front of a desk for a long time and computer desks for our employees are ergonomically affecting the efficiency of our workplace directly. So, how do we choose the ideal computer desk?

Press your feet firmly

It is very important that your feet touch the ground while you are sitting at your computer desk. The ideal desk height should be around 74 cm.

Support your arms

Another criterion at the ideal computer desk is that you can put your elbows on the table when you sit on your chair. For your comfort while working, you can prefer chairs with armrests.


Make your legs comfortable

There should be enough space under your computer table to make your legs comfortable. At the bottom of the table you should use at least half the space of the table surface.

Your computer should not be too close to you

Your table width should be sized to give you freedom of movement. You should keep your computer neither too close nor far away. Your distance should be about fifty centimeters.

Computer desk width should fit your business

It should be large enough to put your files, personal belongings, stationery products and computer on top of it while working and provide you with a comfortable movement area.

Your computer desk also caresses your eyes

You will work for long periods of time at your table to be made of a raw material you love and your favorite colors to be sure. Because your computer desk will be your best friend for a long time.

Everything in your workspace should be at hand

If your office space is sufficient, you can choose your computer desk with drawers or use it with a caisson.

We offer every product for your office furniture with Home Designer Goods, where you can find your ideal computer desks and many more options.

Minimalist thought is one of the greatest trends of this time. This trend is, of course, among the ideas of 2019 home decoration. If you design your home with a simple idea instead of decorating your home, you can increase your level of happiness. To be happy, your home will be more than you think and live with less.

Embrace the whole house

To perceive the house as a whole is very important in terms of decoration. The ability to fully see the house allows you to balance your compatibility with other rooms when designing your room. Therefore, instead of seeing the rooms one by one, our recommendation is to see the rooms as a whole.

Use cute colors

It is important to choose the right color to beautify your home. Whether it’s gray tones or clear yellow shapes, making these choices is the choice to move your home to another level. Preferring particularly preferred cute colors will give us great advantages in home decoration.

Think Geometric

Drawing a border with shapes can be a good point. Frames, circles, rectangles, such as frames to help you decorate your home. Placing the right furniture and seats in certain parts of the house can help you reach your dream destination.

The harmony of the tablecloths with the walls and the completion of the household items are among the things that will take you to the next level in home decoration. In particular, if the bed linen is in harmony with the original decoration, it will be captured.

Uncovering certain parts of your home will definitely give your home a completely different atmosphere. The use of antiques is one of the most important points for the spirit of your home.

We spend the greatest time of our lives at home or at work. Nobody wants these places to be dreary and boring. Therefore, we need to design our habitats in such a way that they always affect our psychology in a positive way. If we have a gloomy house or workplace, we will be reflected in every situation in our daily life and become unhappy.

The state of gloominess and depressing are the colors we choose in our living spaces. An intriguing decoration, completely color harmony comes from. Inspirational colors are the first rule of decoration that will instantly change the atmosphere.


  • Red is always the color of energy and vitality.
  • When color combinations are preferred with black, it reflects the noble.
  • If you like calm places, it should be preferred in small areas such as cloth or accessories instead of wall color.
  • If you prefer the red walls, you should prefer white furniture.


  • Yellow is the color of the temperature and cheerfulness.
  • It should be preferred with white as it will create a boring color.
  • If the window is preferred in low or small environments, it will refresh the environment.
  • If you prefer the yellow color, you should prefer dark furniture.
  • Yellow may be the starting point of decoration in areas you never expect.


  • Green is the perfect way to calm the mood and give peace.
  • Combined with contrasting colors you get a great fit.
  • If you choose only one piece of furniture and choose the remaining areas as plain and one color, you get a quality image.


  • Cream-beige is a neutral color, it is a savior.
  • This color, which can adapt to everything, can be preferred mainly in the space.
  • If you prefer cream-beige, you should prefer accessories and curtains as vivid colors.

Everyone wants to have a handy, soft and well textured bathrobe. After a warm and relaxing shower, you may want to take a bathrobe or a bathrobe that will warm you up as soon as you get out of bed. Where to use your robe will be decisive in terms of the model. If your home is generally cool, it would be useful to cover your legs and prefer a bathrobe extending to your knee. You may want to use your bathrobe in the gym, school, or use a bathrobe where you can experience ease of use during your hospital stay. You may want to buy a bathrobe for your honeymoon or for the process you will come to.

There are a few points to decide when you want to get a good bathrobe;

The quality of the bathrobe: The main factors that determine the quality, where the bathrobe is produced; body options and raw material.

Bathrobe Model: Looking for a long bathrobe or a short bathrobe? Is it preferable to be heavy and textured or lighter?

Bathrobe Color: Do you know your bathrobe size? Which color suits your taste?

Quality and Raw Material

Believe it or not, bathrobes are produced with a variety of raw materials. These raw materials start from polyester, nylon, synthetic species, goes up to 100% cotton. Nylon and synthetic ones are usually cheap ones; because the production of these substances is cheaper. For this reason, the most important point when buying a bathrobe is that you prefer the first quality towel; So you don’t have to throw it in a short time or your money doesn’t go to the trash after the first wash. Another reason I would suggest you not to buy the synthetic product is the feeling that it feels on your skin – it doesn’t want to disturb the skin of a nylon, artificial product.


The hooded bathrobe is also practical, as it allows your hair to dry and also does not require a head towel. If you are looking for a bathrobe to use on hot summer days or if you can’t stay comfortable with thick type robes, these models are for you. These bathrobes, which are used in spas and hotels, are suitable for washing many times.


After choosing the towel type, model and size, the turn comes to determine the color of your bathrobe. Paying attention to washing instructions when buying your favorite color is very important for preserving the color. The disadvantage of buying a colorful bathrobe will be the discolouration after long washings.

If you are thinking of a stylish decoration in your bathrooms, here is exactly what you are looking for! The bathrooms, which are our most special and important area in terms of hygiene, personal care and relaxing effect in our homes, will now look very different and elegant with the new design and decoration suggestions prepared by Home Designer Goods. Here are the latest trends in bathroom decorations and new generation bathroom decoration ideas!

Choosing bathroom tiles is very important in order to bring a bathroom design to the fore, to complete it easily and to provide the desired effect. It is possible to design baths that appeal to different styles and uses. For this reason, different bathroom tile models will be selected and the desired bathrooms will be completed in a short time.

With tile selection for different bathrooms, you can complete the design to a great extent. Both classic and modern models can be preferred for tile designs. Bathroom tile models have a wide range of colors, patterns and materials. Therefore, the use of tiles to design the most original and modern baths would be sufficient.

1- Compliance of white toilet and sink

When it comes to a compact design, this pair will give you space and have a traditional design. This is very nice for every bathroom and no matter what your bathroom is.

2- The harmony of the toilet and floor

The classic white toilet / sink fit is very nice for small areas. The water will flush through the toilet hole while your hands are washed comfortably here.

3- Modern toilet and floor unit compatibility

You can store the wall hanging toilet and water tank behind the wall and gain space. At the same time doing this will renew your sink and at the same time save you space.

To examine the eye-catching bathroom designs in our images in more detail, you can check the bathroom vanities category.


Wood, which is the best way for a natural touch to our homes, creates a wonderful result when used correctly. Using gloomy colors in the building can create a dark and stifling environment. Therefore, lighter colors should be preferred. Live tones can also be considered. The path of an energetic and fresh environment is made of wood in light and vivid colors. Also, if you like dark colors, of course, it is preferable, but we recommend you complete with light colors.


The use of wood on the walls is more common in Spanish decoration. If your house is small, using wood instead of all the walls, only using a wall of wood to increase both naturalness and will not narrow your home. You can also use shelves or libraries for the use of wood on the walls. When you decorate the shelves or libraries that you choose to be compatible with the color of your home with living plants, you will catch the trend of using wood and create different areas that you can use.


Wood in the flooring of houses is a preferred material for a long time. There are many different alternatives for flooring today. Therefore, when choosing flooring, you can pay attention to the color of the upholstery and the color of the furniture, the type and the size of the usage areas.


With the wooden details used in the kitchen, you can have a Country style kitchen, one of the trend decorations of recent years. For a country-style kitchen, you can especially prefer white-wood furniture. The natural look you add to your kitchen with the use of wood will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.


We encounter many different ideas to use wood as a decorative element. You can also easily use the small details of the wood along with general furniture such as bookcases, objects made of wood. For example, you can use wood materials even when you choose the store curtain. It provides the balance of light in your home with a natural material. If you are not going to change a big decoration and just want to have wood in your home, you can place accessories such as wooden pots, wooden tables in different parts of your home.

There are some criteria that we need to pay attention to until the season when we want to decorate the material we want for decoration. According to the size and budget of our house we need to find the highest quality material.

Spring months should generally be preferred. Because during this season the ventilation will be easier and the materials used will be protected against excessive heat and extreme cold. For example, a mirror in our house is empty or hanging on the wall immediately around with a harmonious color can draw a rich image.

Use different colors!

We want to paint our walls with different colors and ambitious colors, but if we don’t dare to do so, the wall stickers are exactly for it. We can paint our home stands to bring our furniture to a format that is compatible with our furniture. In this way, we can create a new image. We can renew the handles of the drawers in our house and make them more aesthetic.

Renovating your home, adding new decorative visual richness is our desire. But even if we find the right time, we may not have enough money to make this dream come true. For this reason, our dreams are usually only stopped on one side. You can make a nice design without going beyond your budget. By creating differences, you can enter into a new excitement.

Don’t forget to make budget planning

First, we need to determine how much your budget is. Then the design in our mind is what part of the house. Or we want to go through a change in our entire house to answer these questions in advance will facilitate our work.

Together, we can assemble the two long boards that we paint and prepare for the wall, and obtain a bookcase to evaluate the areas that occupy less space and space. We can get a new design by painting our hanging hangers on the wall in different colors.

Every environment in our environment has a deliberately or unconsciously shaped decoration. Some environments are shaped by an expert architect, some are amateurish and others are in their natural state. In one way or another, each environment is designed with decoration materials.

Three types of decoration style

Classic, minimalist and country style. The decoration materials used in these decorations are different from each other.

Classical style decoration uses natural colors such as cream, bone and beige; You should prefer to use heavy fabrics such as glasses, glitter or decorative curtains and taffeta.

In the miminalist style, the spaces are open and spacious. White is used as color, more objects and accessories are not preferred. Lighting is done with table top, table top or floor lighting, and more simple, simple and straight line models are selected. You can choose very clear, straight or self-printed models in the use of carpet.

Country-style, large seats and bulky cushions. Country-style decoration is the style of comfort. Seats can be cotton, striped, checkered plaid or floral. The size of carpets can be very small, carpet complementary accessories can choose wood and ceramic types. Wood rounding method is applied to be complementary. You may prefer a flat wrought iron lampshade for lighting. It is also ideal for store decorations and window decoration.

The most commonly used materials in decoration work;

  • Wooden building materials: Garden fence, door, shelf and flooring materials.
  • Garden and outdoor building materials: Lawnmower, hose and irrigation apparatus, plastic table and chair.
  • Bathroom and wc building materials: Bath mixer, shower head, sink and basin mixers, bathroom accessories, mirror set, bathroom cabinet, jacuzzi, toilet, bathtub and tool vitrified varieties.

  • Paint building decoration materials: wood and iron paint, exterior paint, interior paint and protective paint.
  • Roof building materials: Atermit, tile types and shin cover.

Modern lines and simplicity can not give up, even if you’re not empty against glittering objects and a bit of classical effect, a modern decoration collection, Glowing Elegance is for you! So, how does the Shining Elegance take place with modern lines and accessories with shimmering, geometric lines?


Now, let’s start sharing the details about Glowing Elegance, which will offer modern sparkles to your home!

How to Use Color in Glowing Elegance

Glowing elegance, the details that provide brightness, accessories and lighting products will be used. In order to reflect this decoration style, you need to choose colors that will bring bright objects to the fore. Therefore, you should use colors such as gray, purple, blue, black and brown in your home decoration. The glittering effect of modern decoration can be provided with silver or transparent glass.

Choosing Furniture in Glowing Elegance

In Shining Elegance, all attention must be on the radiance. That is exactly why you should choose a single color for your choice of sofa set. If you want to use different colors in furniture, you can choose your small puffs in different colors in this decoration style. All of the furniture you choose is simple, pattern-free and modern in design, which is important for you to reflect the glowing elegance in your home.

Wall Decoration in Glowing Elegance

Although it is stylish and remarkable, it is possible to have simple walls with glowing elegance! In light gray shades, this can be used with wall paints. You have also noticed when examining the examples of modern decoration, modern decoration is open to innovation. One of the innovations that will make your house different is the use of plasterboard on the walls which are quite suitable for the Glowing Elegance. In rectangular or square form, you can apply two layers of paint on the surface of your wall. If you do not want to make such a radical change on your walls, you can choose to cover your wall with a wall paper. A wall paper with modern patterns close to the wall color is among the modern decorations that will add elegance to the elegance of the area.