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5 Tips to Choose the Ideal Sofa of Your Room

Do you want to furnish your new house or change your furniture? But do not you have knowledge of interior design? Here we will give you a few tips so that you come to know how to choose the essential furniture of your living room: the sofa & the Chair!

Indeed, many times we do not realize it but the sofa represents the center of your room not only for its decorative aspect but also because it attracts people and is the center of family gatherings or friends. Therefore, we want to give you the necessary information so that you can choose it in the perfect way.


  1. Where and how to place your sofa?

First, you have a room and to decide a good place for your sofa, ask yourself if you want it to be attached to the wall or as a division … If you do not have much space, it is better to place it on the wall in L for example. On the contrary, if you have more space you can use it to divide the space and put it in U or parallel for example. If you want to create a corner of peace in your living room, a U-shaped sofa can be seen very nice in the corners.


  1. How much space for your sofa?

To determine the length of your sofa, take the measurement of the wall where you want to put it and subtract 90 cm. That will ensure you that you can put tables next to you and that space will be functional for walking. If you do not have much space, you’d better choose a loveseat sofa (with 2 bodies) and an armchair; a larger sofa will overload the environment!


  1. What is the ideal size for your sofa?

You already have clear ideas about the shape; the length and space where you want your sofa, now get inspired by these tips to know more about the measurements of your ideal sofa! Your sofa has to be ergonomic!

For a person of 1.70 m in height, the sofa should have a depth between 75 and 90 cm and a height between 80 and 90 cm. Also, check well that your knees can bend well, your legs should rest bent at a 90 ° angle.

For the armrests, the ideal height is between 10 and 20 cm so that you lean well on them.

  1. How many seats do you need?

We give you some tips so that you know what the names of sofas mean: a loveseat sofa is two places and measures between 1.50 and 1.90 m. A model of three bodies varies between 2 m and 2.50 m and the models of four and five bodies are only recommended for salons or very large places, which measure more than 40m2.

  1. How useful will your sofa be?

Before making your decision, do not forget to ask about the functionality of your sofa! What will it serve? Do you live alone or as a couple and your sofa serve more decoration or do you have a large family or many friends that you like to invite for snacks at home? If you already have children or spend a lot of time with people in your living room, choose a sofa made of easy maintenance material such as leather, cotton or synthetic fibers. Likewise, if you have pets, you will prefer a sofa that is not easily damaged.

Finally, a good trick for your room is to choose multifunctional sofas, such as sofa-beds that can also be used when you invite people to sleep in your house!

About Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathroom vanities are considered to be the perfect complement to a modern bathroom. With the appearance of modern bathrooms becoming elegant, the need for a bathroom vanity with style has become a necessity.

Modern bathroom vanities are basically consisting of sinks, countertops, mirrors and cabinets. More often, the sink & cabinets are considered center of attraction for modern bathroom vanities. Sinks in modern toilets come in most modern designs and also made of different materials.

The mirrors used today are generally of the frameless type and that makes it look elegant. Some of the modern bathroom vanities also include faucets that can be fixed to the wall or can shoot off the countertop. The countertops are usually made of a material such as granite, marble and ceramic tiles that are scratch and water resistant. The mostly wardrobes found in the modern bathroom vanities are European-style meaning they are of the frameless variety.

Modern bathroom vanities are equipped with nickel or brushed chrome. These make the bathroom vanity as something simple and elegant. Here is the focus on more utility value. The materials used in modern bathroom vanities are made of natural stone or wood. Natural stones are strong and durable and can withstand wear and tear. This would make sure that the bathroom vanity looks attractive, even after a few years of use.

One of the modern bathroom vanities that are becoming popular is one-piece bathroom vanity. These come with two perfectly matching sinks and cabinets. Some modern toilets use a pair of light glass diffuser that is an elegant addition to vanity. These types of lights are cylindrical and have perpendicular lines. They have also brushed stainless steel finish and come with a snow white glass. Some accessories such as towel rails and adjustable side mirrors are also found in modern bathroom vanities.

With modern bathroom durability toilets is never a concern. A good toilet needs to be strong enough to withstand drastic changes in heat and humidity. As most bathrooms are less ventilated, the temperatures in the bathrooms can go up and down when we have a hot or cold shower. Also the humidity in bathrooms is considered to be much higher than any other room in the house. Decide on the type and style of toilet in the bathroom that you are going to buy and do some researches before you actually buy one.

List of essential office furniture what you should not miss!

Furniture must not be missing from workspace if you need a complete and perfectly functional office.  Productivity is important for office so as the office utility. Here is the list of furniture which will help in smooth operations of your office. The list of furniture listed below is essential for any office, so if your office lacks any of them, probably the performance of your workers could be much higher.

Office table –

The office tables are furniture absolutely essential for proper operation. These are not only the place where most part of our workday is spent, but it is a place where we should feel comfortable to be more productive.

When you are going to choose office tables, you should take into account the space you have in the office. You should also know the arrangement in which they will be placed once the office tables are assembled.

Office chair –

Office chairs directly affect the comfort and health of the worker that is why these are the important part of the office. These should be designed to offer the best comfort and performance at work. When you are going to choose the office chairs, you must take into account the dimensions of the offices so that a chair can be really functional.

Filing cabinets and drawer units –

The next piece on our list of essential office furniture is the office drawer unit. Although today almost everything is stored in the cloud and computer devices, it is always good to have a drawer or filing cabinet for printed papers that may be needed. In the law firm, where there are always many documents to file, furniture of this type is essential.

It often happens that as you do not work with many files, you avoid buying these types of products to save money. The most common problem is that employees tend to leave objects such as notebooks, toothbrushes, etc. at work and drawers allow us to place these things in order to maintain proper workspace.


The shelves are very useful to place all kinds of things that we may need for the proper functioning of the work. In addition, they are perfect as a distributive element of space; creating separations between spaces giving it even more functionality. There are also many different designs on shelves that will help to give the final touch to our decoration.

Undoubtedly, this list of office furniture can be very useful to know exactly what you should never miss in a complete office. If you are missing something from this list of office furniture you can get it from Homedesignergoods. Thanks for reading!


Where to find Home Furniture at Affordable Prices

Home décor is one of the essential parts of any house so as the home furniture. Everybody wants to furnish their home with ideal furniture they imagined. So they try to find the best value furniture. Furniture is foundation of any home decoration and most expensive element as well .When we start to find the furniture not only we look for best prices but also durability and quality which is most important to any home owner to suit their budget. Instead of buying furniture from local decoration and furniture stores, I suggest other ideas that will help you save, often up to hundreds of bucks.

Online stores –

Internet will help you to compare different prices for the same product. Look for online stores that offer free shipping. One of the negative points to buy online is that you cannot see the product, so before purchasing any items online, read the measurements and information on the type of material used to prevent shocks the time you receive furniture.

Garage sales –

Take advantage garage sales; search hard to find the furniture you need, Make sure you leave early in the morning to find best.

Newspaper ads-

Visit the page of your local newspaper and search if you have a classified section, but enter Craigslist, a popular classified page by city.

Thrift shopping-

Visit stores where people donate their old furniture and pawnshops to find the best deals. Many times in these types of stores you can find treasures that you cannot get anywhere else.


All large decoration and furniture stores in general have an “Outlet”, which can be simply a section behind the store or in a separate building. In these stores furniture is sold at a reduced price, either because they are from a previous season, were used as floor samples or have a small defect. Be sure to ask exactly the reason for the reduced price before buying, and ask for an extra discount if you think the price is still high.

These are a few places where you can find home furniture for décor at best prices.

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